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United States
Bonjour~ I'm 2P!Canada, human name is "Audrey Williams" Though I do not prefer people calling me by that, I think it's stupid as hell, here is just a small description of me.

Audrey Williams :icon2pmatthewplz:

My hair is a slightly dirty type of blonde, I do enjoy eating pancakes but not like that, I do not constantly say 'eh' unless it's needed to be said in a situation. I'm the counter part of Matthew Williams who is the 'Original' Canada, I am NOTHING like him unless my curl is touched I may argue back and etc....but if you do I'm warning you I WILL beat you up, mistake me for this dweeb stick right here :iconukecanadaplz: you'll be wishing you never had.

P.S He'll PROBABLY like you in a way or actually talk to you if you respect nature ( like me. u v u don't hurt nature, nature is our friend....and animals! )

Audrey's age is currently 19 or 18 as well as Matthew's age.

Matthew Williams

I'm a soft spoken guy but when it goes to serious things I'll try to speak up, it's not that I'm invisible or anything, you just won't let me get a chance so I'll possibly feel left out, I've got the game hockey and many more, when my curl is pulled u-uhm...let's just'll find out if you do but I'd rather you not. I'm a nice person but if you do the wrong thing..I may just lose it.

The Admin

And my DA accounts you can contact me on are :iconpluscoot: I mostly write fanfics, Reader-Inserts,Lemons and stuff there.
:iconaskalfredf-walrus: I hardly use this account but...OKAY.

....Yea I know that you want to be Canadian please. *randomly dances*…

woah hello old place.

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Canada426 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
1p-Canada Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2015   Digital Artist
Come back! Please!~
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You should kill yourselves anime scum.
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Says the one with the mlp profile picture
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happy birthday!
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Long time since we talked... Long time indeed.
So if you're ever on this account, I wanted to drop in and say sup - how's life? c:
MorgTW Featured By Owner Edited Feb 16, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hey Audrey, what happen if you have a capital city (like my 2P!Ottawa, there a picture and a journal about her in my profile)? just asking......(that be wonderful if you draw her in your version if you answer my question....)
MissOcarina Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
2p Canada, what do you think of your brother Alfred?
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2p Canada have you see Jeff the killer
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I have Maple syrup. But I'm not sharing it. I drink it . It's awesome . Do you drink maple syrup ?
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